Announcing the Cut

The History and Philosophy program at OISE is unique in North America as the only humanities in education program in a faculty of education. The faculty in this program are acknowledged by their peers to be leaders in the field. It is the only program in Canada from which students can obtain a doctoral degree in History of Education or Philosophy of Education.

The program is currently in jeopardy. The Ontario Council on Graduate Studies, the accrediting body for graduate programs in this province, has recommended that the program be closed because of what it determines to be a lack of faculty.

There are currently 8 faculty teaching entirely or partly in the program with request from 3 others to have part of their teaching load assigned to this program. In addition there are 17 associate faculty across the U of T campus. Associate faculty are faculty in other departments who offer courses that the H&P students take as part of their program and who serve on supervisory committees for the students.

In short, we believe that the claim of OCGS is completely unfounded and yet the University is currently considering accepting their recommendation.

We are deeply concerned as this message reflects the trend in higher ed generally to eliminate scholarship and humanities and social sciences while prioritizing training of students in of technical skills.


An emergency TPS department meeting will be held Monday, October 26 at 1:00 in Room 6-259.

External Review meeting:12:00 – 1:00 on Tuesday, October 27 in room 12-105.:

As most of you will know, the dean is currently being reviewed. As part of this process we have a group of external reviewers visiting. They would like to hear from students about your perceptions of OISE, your experiences here, and your hopes for the place. Please do make time to go to the meeting with them.

For those who cannot attend the meeting, sending something like the following to Dean Jane Gaskell(, Brian Corman – Dean of Graduate Studiesand Vice-Provost, Graduate Education (, and Edith Hillan – Vice Provost of Academic Affairs( would be greatly appreciated:

“I wish to indicate my objection to the unjustified threatened closure of the doctoral program in History and Philosophy of Education at OISE, UT. Given the value of humanities, quality of this renowned program, 85 current graduate students, and committed faculty–keep this program alive and grant them the new faculty position that will evidence institutional support presently denied.”


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