What YOU Can Do

• Attend the Emergency TPS Departmental Meeting Everyone Welcome Monday 1 pm OISE, Dept of TPS 6th floor
• Attend the External Review of OISE Dean Meeting (set time for students to express any concerns about OISE/Dean to external reviewers) Tuesday, 12pm-1pm OISE 12th Floor, room 105
• Send emails (listed below!)
• Sign the petition http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/SaveHandP/
• Join the Facebook group: SHAP

• Write letters/notes/emails/comments with copies to all emails below:
o Jane Gaskell (Dean of OISE) jgaskell@oise.utoronto.ca
o Brian Corman (Dean of Graduate Studies) brian.corman@utoronto.ca
o Edith Hillan (Vice Provost of Academic Affairs) edith.hillan@utoronto.ca
o Cheryl Regehr (Vice-Provost,AcademicPrograms) vp.academicprograms@utoronto.ca
o External Reviewers of OISE Dean vanessa.laufer@utoronto.ca
o ksihra@oise.utoronto.ca (Save H&P rep)


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