Supporting the Cause

To those who have some say in what an Education at OISE can be:

I wish to register that I am flabbergasted that the Philosophy and History component of the Department of Theory and Policy Studies at OISE is under threat of having its PhD program suspended and/or being disbanded.  On many counts this is wrong and not at all helpful in developing OISE’s reputation as a “leader” in the field of education.  Leaders in the field of education need thoughtful, theoretically informed, and historically located studies of education to augment and enhance what studies in education can be.  The philosophy and history components make OISE unique.  There is a cross fertilization with my department, Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, and there is the international reputation of the professors here to consider as well.  Moreover, for OCGS to make claims on their imagined version of the retirement status of faculty is simply wrong.  Deciding as to the viability of program while no new faculty have been hired, even while there are a large number of students interested, is unfair and also could appear to be sort of sneaky.  That is, those disciplines which garner student attention but perhaps no “business” or “corporate” interest are easy to dismantle just by failing to support it for  a short while.  Finally, I am very certain that a world class university interested in excellence should, as a basic necessity, have a philosophy and history component to its studies in education.   I very much urge the reconsideration of the OCGS decision and I ask that more public institutional support to this key aspect of OISE be demonstrated.

With Respect,

Tanya Titchkosky, PhD

Associate Professor, Disability Studies & Graduate Co-ordinator

Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education

Phone: 416-978-0451

Fax: 416-926-4751

12th Floor, 12-236, OISE

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

252 Bloor St. West, TO, ON,



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One response to “Supporting the Cause

  1. Douglas Davis

    Academic thought that suggests that language is not concrete and that the meaning of language is not centered in the author, and that suggests that knowledge is not stable and easily measurable, is not politically expedient. Regardless, I view scholarship, discussion, and education on the complex social and cultural relationships between language and knowledge as the single most important issue in education. It is, I believe, the core foundation to prepare people for the future. If we lose the humanities and social foundations in colleges and schools of education, we will no longer have any claim as an academic discipline. Rather, we will become technocratic training centers based on faulty assumptions about language and knowledge busily preparing teachers and administrators for a type of classroom and school that will not likely even exist in the near future.

    I support professor Titchkosky’s call for a reconsideration of this decision.

    Sincere Regards,

    Douglas R. Davis, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator of Educational Leadership Programs
    Department of Leadership and Counselor Eduction
    School of Education
    University of Mississippi
    P.O. Box 1848
    University, MS,

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