Chris Arthur-Teacher Support for H&P

Mon, Oct 26, 2009

Subject: Closing of HP Program


I can’t attend any meetings at OISE during the day as I am a full time teacher but I wanted to find out more about why the HP program was being closed. From reading the memo sent to me it seems that the reason given is that the program does not appear to be replenishing its faculty and currently has a low number of faculty.

The reason given cannot however be the whole story. I wonder first, why were the faculty not being replenished? Secondly, if the problem is that there are not enough faculty why not simply hire more to rectify this problem? There are a number of great instructors that I have had this year at OISE who are not hired full-time. Why not hire some of them? Surely the reason for hiring cannot be the dearth of suitable candidates to teach and research in the department?

Is the reason budgetary? If this is so why not allocate more money to hire more staff? If this is not desired by UofT because they want to spend money elsewhere or save money, then why not just state that the reason for the closing is that the discipline of history and philosophy of education is not worth funding?

This would of course be something I would disagree with as I think that we should not merely improve the delivery of education (the means) but also question the ends for which we are educated. I have studied at both York and UofT at the undergraduate and graduate level and found the philosophy of education program here at OISE superb. I sincerely hope that UofT reconsiders and properly funds instead of closing the History and Philosophy program.

Christopher Arthur




Teacher (Permanent) Part-Time MA Phil. Of Ed. student


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