Dr. RD Glass – Univ of Cal at Santa Cruz – Dismay at Potential Closure


27 October 2009 [Letter Transmitted Electronically]


Jane Gaskell Dean, OISE

Brian Corman Dean of Graduate Studies

Edith Hillan Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

Cheryl Regehr Vice Provost for Academic Programs

University of Toronto

Vanessa Laufer Dean, External Reviewers, OISE

University of Toronto

CC: Megan Boler Co-Chair, Department of Theory and Policy Studies

History and Philosophy of Education, OISE, University of Toronto

I am writing in great dismay at the news of the potential closure of the Program in History and Philosophy of Education in the Department of Theory and Policy Studies. I cannot conceive of a sufficiently warranted argument to justify such a decision since this program is now, and long has been, one of the premiere programs in philosophy of education in the world. It has outstanding faculty and doctoral students who are frequent contributors to the leading international journals in philosophy of education, and who provide leadership at multiple levels of the profession. To lose this program would be devastating for the disciplinary field of philosophy of education, but in addition, it would augur poorly for the entire field of education which has been suffering from a broad assault on its humanistic foundations. OISE has for many years been a beacon of clarity and wisdom in its nurturance of the humanities generally and this program specifically, and I would like to believe it will never surrender this position of international leadership.

If I could be of any assistance in your deliberations, or in your efforts to further strengthen the Program in History and Philosophy of Education, please do not hesitate to contact me.


R.D. Glass

(signed electronically)Ronald David Glass, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy of Education

Director, University of California Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California

Chair, Committee on Professional Affairs, Philosophy of Education Society (North America)


Philosophy of Education 2008


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