Elimination of H & P Program – Lindsay Kerr, Doc Candidate

October 27, 2009

Dear Dean Gaskell,

Re: Elimination of History and Philosophy of Education.

It is a matter of grave concern that this crucial department is scheduled for the chopping block. I appeal directly to the university administration to avert this process. I ask you: What would education become if educators lack historical memory and a grounding in philosophical thinking?

A limited knowledge of history and philosophy, as expressed in the following quote, will surely give you pause to consider the consequences of  liminating this department:

Everyone knows that the challenges facing education haven’t changed substantially in the past 100 years; educators are still in the business of turning blank slates into valuable resources (President and CEO of SRB Education Solutions Inc. )

As a doctoral candidate (who received CGS SSHRC funding and was nominated for the Trudeau Scholarship in 2006) and a published author, I credit this department in large measure for these achievements. OISE/UT’s international reputation led me to apply to TPS for my graduate education in the first place. Having taken courses in this department, I can personally attest to the critical importance of this department in my own professional development.

It appears that the only remaining issue on the table is the question of professorial staffing. It seems to me that this issue is outside the hands of the professoriate and falls squarely in the domain of the university administration to take responsibility, and to act immediately.

I call upon you to step up to the plate: to prevent the decimation of departments and disciplines, and protect university knowledge from being neutralized into amorphous amalgamated departments.

Kindly acknowledge receipt.

Yours truly,

Lindsay Kerr


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