J A Milligan – Florida State re: H and P Closure

October 27, 2009

Jane Gaskell (Dean of OISE)

Brian Corman (Dean of Graduate Studies

Edith Hillan (Vice Provost of Academic Affairs)

Cheryl Regehr (Vice-Provost, Academic Programs)

In re: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/ History and

Philosophy of Education

As a member of the Philosophy of Education Society from Virginia, I wish to testify to the vitality and scholarly quality of OISE’s program in History and Philosophy of Education. At the annual meetings of PES which I have attended regularly since 1995, sessions of the conference led by OISE and its History and Philosophy department in particular have been well-attended and of especially high quality and interest to me as a practicing high school teacher. OISE seems to me to be a jewel in your crown. I would not want to see it diminished, especially if, as currently planned, it may become the home of an international Center for Research and Teaching of High School Philosophy. Such a Center would be a unique addition to the field of education studies coupled with practical application.


Jeffrey Ayala Milligan

Executive Director, Philosophy of Education Society

Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Florida State University

114C Stone Bldg.

Tallahassee, FL 32306-4452


1-850-644-1258 (fax)


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