Jeff Stickney, Lecturer TPS OISE – grave concern re: H and P Cut

Dr. Brian Corman October 26, 2009

Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and

Vice-Provost, Graduate Education

School of Graduate Studies

University of Toronto

65 St. George Street

Toronto, ON M5S 2Z9

Dear Dr. Corman:

I am writing with grave concern over the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies’ decision to not approve the EdD and PhD programs in Philosophy & History, within Theory and Policy Studies (TPS) at OISE/UT. I graduated from the Philosophy program (EdD) in 2005, with Professor James Tully, Jackman Chair of Political Philosophy as my advisor and Dr. Maureen Ford, TPS Philosophy as my supervisor. It seems ironic for OCGS to suggest that there are inadequate resources (critical mass) for doctoral students when, in my case, I found wonderful support from both within the Philosophy Department at OISE and the University of Toronto’s Philosophy Department. Success in my program propelled me to write for several major journals in the field. Recently I have an article in Philosophy and Theory’s Michael Peters’ (ed.) new book, Since graduating I gave presented papers at most major conferences: Philosophy of Education Society and American Educational Research Association in the US, Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain at Oxford, and International Network of Philosophers at Kyoto. I find that OISE’s Philosophy students and faculty are well represented at these venues, often making up a disproportionate share of the presenters at PES and elsewhere. The Philosophy Department at OISE/UT has an international reputation for excellence, bringing in renowned scholars as external readers on dissertations and as guest speakers.

I am currently teaching part-time in the Philosophy and Educational Administration Departments of TPS, and I am serving on both a PhD and MA committee. I am one of those hidden resources OSGS overlooked, contributing to graduate education and applying as co-applicant to SSHRC on the High School Philosophy Project. I wrote the curriculum for the Philosophy Additional Basic Qualification course at OISE and taught the course last summer. Philosophy is here to stay in the high school curriculum; it should remain an option for students pursuing doctoral studies at OISE. The University becomes diminished when it too easily gives up programs in the humanities during tough economic times. Please act to preserve these reputable graduate programs to safeguard critical thinking in higher education.


Educational Theory (2009) and two papers in Educationalspecial edition on Wittgenstein (2008). I also have a chapter inGovernmentality Studies in Education (Sense, 2009).Dr. Jeff Stickney

Lecturer, Theory and Policy Studies,


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