Memorial U Professor W Okshevsky – Letter in Support of H&P

Date: Wed, Oct 28, 2009

With reference to letter below from Virginia Stead*

Well said indeed. I know that similar views and sentiments are held by many

other graduates of H&P who are presently tenured or are in tenure-track

positions in academic positions at Faculties and Departments of Education

across the world and who attribute their success in no small measure to

their doctoral training in H&P. It is imperative that such opportunities not be

eliminated for future students.

There is no doubt that it is incumbent upon OISE’s and U of T’s administration

to reply publicly to the letter below, paying particular attention to the

section “To correct the record.” Without such a reply, we remain justified in

believing that the motives behind the intention of closure are mired in

considerations unworthy of U of T administration and contradictory of

fundamental principles of teacher education and university research.

We have here a very serious and disheartening assault on the disciplinary role

of humanities in educational research, and on the quality of teaching and

administration in the schools of our nation.


Walter C. Okshevsky, PhD


Canadian Philosophy of Education Society

Faculty of Education/Department of Philosophy

Memorial University

St. John’s, NL A1B 3X8

Phone: 709.737.7613

Fax: 709.737.2345


wokshevs@mun.caCc Sihra, Laufer, Boyd, Hare, Corman, Hillan

*Dear Drs. Gaskell, Corman, Hillan, Regehr, Laufer, and Karen Sihra,,

Since beginning graduate studies as a master’s student at Lakehead University in 1996, I have been

impressed and informed by the ideas and professional service of faculty and students within OISEUT’s

History & Philosophy Program. These people contribute substantially not just to learning within their own

program, but to the spread of knowledge across the country and around the world. Please continue to

support their outstanding work and in this way the shining reputation of the University of Toronto.

Yours respectfully,

Virginia Stead

CSSE Director 1996-1998; 2004-2006: CSSE Graduate Student President 1996-1998; 2004-22006


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