Prof Gert Biesta – U of Stirling, Scotland – Concerns re: Impending Decision

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Jane Gaskell (Dean of OISE)

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Edith Hillan (Vice Provost of Academic Affairs)

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External Reviewers of OISE Dean

I have received information about an impending decision to close the History and Philosophy of Education Programme at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. As someone who has been working in the field of educational theory and philosophy at an international level for a long time, and also from my perspective as editor-in-chief of the international journal and Philosophy of Education Programme at OISE very highly. There is not only a long track record of high quality research and scholarship – and based on this the group at OISE occupies a very important place in the field internationally – but there is also a very vibrant community of scholars, researchers and doctoral students of the highest quality who are continuing to make very important and significant contributions to the field. I would therefore like to express my concerns about any intention to close this programme. It is difficult to see the justification for such a decision.

Moreover, an institution with the reputation of OISE should, as a matter of principle, make sure that the study of education is conducted on the basis of contributions from the whole range of relevant disciplines, including history and philosophy.

Yours sincerely,



Professor Gert Biesta, PhD

Professor of Education and Director of Postgraduate Research


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