Retain Outstanding Doctoral Program – Prof D Hansen, Columbia U


28 October, 2009

Dear colleagues: I write to urge the University of Toronto/ Ontario Institute of Education to retain its outstanding doctoral program in the history and philosophy of education. This program has been a leader in my field of philosophy of education for decades and remains so today. Its faculty and students have played consistently generative and productive roles in broadening the intellectual horizons, and the practical applications, of philosophy of education. They have been dynamic leaders in the international Philosophy of Education Society; they have made numerous highly significant presentations at its Annual Meetings and have produced equally significant research articles in the field’s major journals. It is truly impossible for me to conceive any reason to close this program. I am concerned about what such an action would mean — the sorts of messages it would send to important educational constituencies both near and far, and at every level of the system — given our historic moment of intense globalization and change. We live in an era when the humanistic study of education has never been more needed. We need scholars to pose the questions and engage in the sorts of values inquiry for which the faculty and students in the program at OISE have long been renowned. I urge you to retain and indeed to strengthen this vibrant program.

sincerely yours, David Hansen


David T. Hansen, Ph.D. Professor and Director Program in Philosophy and Education Immediate Past-President, Philosophy of Education Society Teachers College, Box 204 Columbia University 525 W. 120th Street New York, NY 10027 email: tel: 212.678.8239


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