Save Doc Program in H&P – Larry Gilbert

October 25, 2009

Subject: The Doctoral Program in the History and Philosophy of Education

Dear Jane Gaskell-Dean,

Dear Brian Corman-Dean of Graduate Studies and Vice-Provost,

Dear Edith Hillan-Vice Provost of Academic Affairs,

As one who once taught the History and Philosophy of Education, I describe the role of the History of Education as the rudder which helps guide the training of prospective teachers and the Philosophy of Education as the radar scope which helps develop and improve the prospective teacher’s understanding of existence, epistemology, and axiology. These in turn help the teacher understand the nature of the child, the nature of learning, the curriculum, and the role of the teacher.

If you close the doctoral program at the University of Toronto, who will take charge of the responsibilities discussed above.

Are you asking the politicians to do this? The parents? The priests and preachers? Noneducators?

Thank you for accepting my email and I ask you to take more time on this issue.

Larry L. Gilbert, B.Sc., M.Ed., D.Ed.



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