SFU – Faculty of Ed – Dismay at Program Closure

Dear Dr. Corman,

We write this letter to you in our capacity as the four primary faculty members in the Philosophy of Education PhD program in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. It is in this capacity that we want to sound our great dismay at the possibility that the Program in History and Philosophy at OISE might be closed.

The Program in History and Philosophy at OISE is central to humanities research in Canada as well as internationally. We hold in great esteem the work of our colleague faculty members in the Program, as well as their students’ work. The research resulting from these excellent scholars would not continue to flourish if the cohesion of this Program were taken away.

The Program in History and Philosophy at OISE is one of only two programs in Canada featuring doctoral studies in Philosophy of Education, our own being the other. It is thus with great urgency that we implore you to leave the program intact. Such programs in Philosophy of Education as ours and OISE’s are prime examples that important educational work is being done in the humanities. It is not our place to comment on the specific administrative reasons one might have for closing the program. However, we urge you to be cognizant of the significant, indeed tragic, impact on humanities research such a closure would entail.

The impressive quality of the Program in History and Philosophy at OISE indicates that the program should remain intact in order that educational research in the humanities might continue to thrive.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Charles Bingham, Associate Professor

Dr. Heesoon Bai, Associate Professor

Dr. Ann Chinnery. Assistant Professor

Dr. Sean Blenkinsop, Assistant Professor


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